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CryptoToken Challenge by Trimarc Security at ShmooCon 2018

I'm patiently waiting for the 2018 Defcon IoT CTF and thought I'd stay in the habit of blogging by revisiting the CryptoToken challenge that @TrimarcSecurity held at ShmooCon 2018.

CryptoTokens and Challenge Coin
The challenge was meant to be fun, easy, and get you to talk with vendors. The way it worked was that once you solved the first challenge, you had to find the vendor that had the second challenge, then the third, and so on obtaining a new CryptoToken with each solve.

The prize for solving all of the puzzles was a challenge coin and a shirt. I'm a sucker for a challenge coins, so @PLeXuSECU and I grabbed the first token and got to work.

First Token
We immediately recognized the Letter Number cipher and solved this one by hand. Had cell service been a little stronger in the Hilton's basement, we might have used Rumkin's Letter Number Solver found here.

       Letter Number: 19-23-15-18-4-6-9-19-8 (SWORDFISH)

At this point we were not sure what the characters a…