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SANS 2015 Shmoo Challenge - Better late than never!

I'm patiently waiting for the SANS holiday challenge and thought I'd fill in the gap by revisiting my SANS 2015 Shmoo Challenge submission. Better late than never, right? Back in 2015, I competed in SANS 2015 Shmoo Challenge and was one of the first 10 participants who successfully completed the challenge. By doing so, I won this fancy NetWars T-Shirt: Fancy NetWars T-Shirt Normally these shirts are reserved for NetWars winners, so if you see someone wearing it, go talk to them - they did something cool! Sans and Counterhack put on high production value infosec challenges each year, and winners often get prizes such as training, NetWars access, rare shirts, etc...and anyone can compete for free. The best part about these challenges is that they maintain all of them so anyone can go back, as far as 2011, and still complete them which is just awesome! Okay - Let's get into it The end goal is to find the "phrase that pays" and send it in an emai