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DEF CON 26 - IoT Village - SOHOpelessly Broken CTF

Welcome Thrillhouse Group competed in the SOHOpelessly Broken CTF in the IoT Village at DEF CON 26 this year. None of the actual team, aside from myself, was able to make it this year. So, I requested the help of my colleagues and "Mitch" was keen to help. Together, we reached 14th place by the end of Saturday with 9k points. WTG's Score by End of Saturday As you can see, we had a couple issues submitting flags. For this CTF, flags were typically the MD5 of something under /dev or something like a clear text password. When our flags failed to submit, we worked with the organizers and chalked it up to someone modifying the flag files so that the MD5 would change. These issues had no impact on our score, accomplished nothing, was a jerk-move, and as can be seen below; was against the rules: IoT CTF Rules and Hints The CTF consisted of 22 challenges based on the 22 devices seen below: IoT CTF Device Challenges WTG successfully completed the challe