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2019 Stonecutters - Radioactive Man

The Stonecutters have granted us permission to publish a solve from last year's secret competition. They provided a file named "radio_a_oh_activeman.wav" which was a 30 second clip of the Buggles song "Video Killed the Radio Star." The Stonecutters noted that Radioactive Man has been exhibiting signs of extreme paranoia and they believe that the file contains a secret message intended for Fallout Boy.  Radioactive Man Having intercepted the message, we looked at it in audacity and saw a digital signal hidden in the spectrogram: Digital Signal Though it is possible to solve this by hand, this was not the route we wanted to take. Using ultrasonic sound to transmit data is best suited for computers in our opinion. So, the problem is now: What tool(s) do we use in order to decode the signal? We spent more time than we would like to admit playing "guess the tool." There are dozens of github projects and also mobile apps available for this pu