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ArcticCon 2019 CTF

Arcticcon is a conference by red teamers, for red teamers...and I was lucky enough to attend and participate in their 2019 CTF. aRcTicCON First of all, the conference was amazing. The first day was dedicated to the CTF, the second day had a focus on training/labs, and the third day was loaded with presentations that were all informative, inspiring, and packed full of tips, tricks, tools, and advice that I could actually use in my day-to-day. The CTF had three main components to it, with SE being peppered in as well: OSINT Physical Netpen I was assigned to team IronMan , along with five others. OSINT On May 2nd, 2019, the CTF opened up for teams to begin working on the OSINT challenges.  The Jeopardy style challenge board gave no hints and asked no questions. Here is an example of a challenge: Challenge Three I began this CTF with some bad assumptions concerning when it was held last year, so shortly after I began my hunt for OSINT, I started submitti