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2019 Stonecutters - The Bus that Couldn't Slow Down

This year has been...something else. Our CTF participation has almost completely evaporated with the exception of joining Neutrino_Cannon for the 2020 RTV CTF at Defcon 28. That was an experience we won't soon forget. We also won 6 months of HTB Pro Labs access. Now, if only we had more time to do it! Also, the Stonecutters CTF creator left to start a company or something and so our annual private CTF as we have known and loved is no more. A replacement was established, however, we don't think that we have permission to write anything up yet.  It has been hard to juggle work/home life during the pandemic and find time to dedicate towards CTFs and off-the-clock professional development that's worth blogging about. We certainly don't want this blog to die anytime soon so we went through our drafts and found a few posts that we should clean up and publish pretty soon. So, without further ado, here is one of them! I forget what the name of the challenge was exactly but I th