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2019 Stonecutters - The Battle of Gettysburg

Here's our latest write-up for the secret Stonecutters challenge that we've code named "The Battle of Gettysburg."

Somebody is Going to Get Parasites
For this challenge we made use of a tool that automates OS command injection.

Okay, let's get into it.

Similarly to all of the other "Any Key" challenges, I registered my SSH key with the scoring server and I was able to connect to a web server on For more information about this CTF feel free to check out this post.

The web server that loaded was a simple input field that indicated that I needed to check if a file existed and a submit button that said fire.

Naturally, I tried /etc/passwd and here's what I saw:

When I checked for "foo", I saw a message that said "missed."
I then entered /flag.txt and got another hit.

I tried really hard to find an LFI, and I also spent some time attempting to eke out a SQL error. However, commix was the tool that won the Battle o…