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2019 BSidesRDU - "Noobs Table" Experience and Challenge Write-Up

Welcome Thrillhouse Group attended BSidesRDU  this year and instead of competing in the CTF, we contributed a stego challenge  and also helped out at the "noobs table."  The idea of a noobs table has been kicked around for a little while now but this was the first time it was formally done at an EverSec CTF . Basically, there was a table in the CTF room reserved for people that are new to CTFs, and a couple of us were there to help with two sets of challenges created just for them. One was posted to the EverSec CTF challenges under the "newbs" category while teamWTG's contribution was a set of, effectively, offline challenges against an IoT device with extremely limited resources. @uncue created the "newbs" challenges which included everything from service enumeration to lateral movement. Welcome Thrillhouse Group brought the "offline" set of challenges which included service enumeration, finding default credentials, password reuse attacks

Trudging Through the Derby MUD in Lock Step

For the final DerbyCon CTF, I decided to take on the MUD for team  Illuminopi . Derbycon 9.0 EvilMog CTF MUD The CTF MUD was created by EvilMog  and the world he created was pretty staggering. I really appreciate the effort that he put in to the MUD for us all to enjoy. For those that do not know. a MUD, or Multi-User Dungeon, is a real-time, text based, multiplayer game. You can learn more about them  here . Okay, let's get into it. Upon your initial login and sign-up, there were more rules, tips, and tricks presented to the player. I mostly ignored everything and went in with tree branches a-blazing! By the end of the conference; I believe I captured about 4 to 6 thousand points worth of flags in the MUD, and if I recall correctly, I only got about halfway through the challenges. I attempted to make use of some evenings after the conference to take on the challenges outside of derby and got as high as third place: Okay maybe I spent a day on it.