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2020 HTH CTF - Cloud Challenges

Last weekend, @strupo_ joined team NiSec to participate in the HTH 2020 CTF  and together they got on the podium in third place! 2020 HTH CTF - Final Scoreboard The challenge categories included:  Cloud Crypto Forensics Kali 101  Misc Pwnables Recon Reverse Engineering Steganography Web Recently, strupo_ was fortunate enough to remotely attend  Breaching the Cloud Perimeter w/Beau Bullock . As cloud testing is still very new to him, and this blog tends to focus on introductory concepts and challenges, we thought it would be appropriate to try and tackle all of the cloud challenges in this post. Okay, let's get into it. The Cloud category had three challenges: BucketList (100) OhSnap! (150) Serving Less (250) BucketList Hey guys! I set up an AWS bucket for this year's hth that we can use to store our flags for the ctf. I think I made the bucket private but I'm not very good at this cloud stuff. Send me a message if I need to edit the permissions. Hint: Let's keep a flag