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DEF CON 27 - Our Car Hacking CTF Experience

The Car Hacking Village CTF at DEF CON 27 was a fun, educational, and humbling event to participate in. We got 9th place, mostly due to luck and tenacity. Before this event, we have not tried to interface with, let alone hack, a vehicle. So, we spent the whole of DEF CON 27 in the CHV CTF to change that. Here's our story... CHV CTF Final Scoreboard Unfortunately, we cannot offer up a single write-up for the actual car hacking challenges as we were unable to complete a single one of them. However, there were a lot of trivia questions which sent us down multiple rabbit holes where we learned terms, concepts, and attack vectors that we had zero knowledge of before. The purpose of this post is simply to share our experience and touch on building the nano-can and using a HackRF One to replay a key-fob button press. Overall, I'd say that going to one of the largest hacking conferences in the world to participate in a hacking competition against something that you have