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DEF CON 29 - Cloud Village CTF

The Cloud Village  CTF at DEF CON 29  was challenging and educational. Strupo_ flew solo and the event ended with Welcome Thrillhouse Group in 16th place. There were four groups of challenges with 11 challenges in total. Strupo_ solved three challenges during the event, one after the event, and made some semblance of progress on a few of the others.  For the few challenges solved; the write-ups are enough for a complete walk-through.  Concerning the rest, some limited notes were outlined but not expanded upon so that this post stays relatively short. Let's get into it. Like Duh! Level 0 - Play this first (100) "Hello everyone, The flag format for all the challenges is of the following format.     The string FLAG-{ followed by 32 characters that look like Base64, closed with a }     The flag format is this exact string format     The flag is case sensitive     Submitting anything else/any other format shows that you have not read or understood this message :( For example, the