New Year. New We.

It has been a while since any of our drafts have gone public and we wanted to start the new year off right by addressing that problem. First, some updates about the team and our content.

For context, the Welcome Thrillhouse Group CTF team was started by @strupo_ with the idea that the team would welcome anyone during onsite CTFs and that we would focus more on knowledge sharing rather than winning. Though winning is always nice, writing up the challenges we solved would be our way of giving something back to the community that we all learn so much from.

But for some reason or another, strupo_ has been the sole contributor to the blog, and that was never the intention. Drunk with power, he imposed his love of the Simpsons and occult symbolism onto the team and made that our brand. Everyone seems to enjoy our flagrant appropriation of Milhouse Van Houten being edgy, but the occult symbolism has raised enough eyebrows for the team to be concerned that maybe we were not being as welcoming as we intended.

To address this, a twitter poll was conducted and the few that participated overwhelmingly picked "emo Milhouse" as our new look.     

a e s t h e t i c

Since our last post, we have competed in a few CTFs that we could not blog about. The reason we can not blog about some events/challenges is almost always because the challenges are still in play, or will be reused for the foreseeable future, and certainly not because we didn't feel like writing something up.

For example, the CTF at the SpecterOps Advanced Tactics: Red Team Operations training class, which provided us with this fancy participation prize:

ATRTO Challenge Coin.

ATRTO is an amazing training class with a CTF that runs the entire time which doubles as lab work.  Publishing write-ups for the lab work would rob potential students of some amazing learning opportunities and basically facilitate cheating.

We also competed in the Car Hacking Village CTF at Grrcon on team CANBO$$. We learned a ton at this event and we contributed to the team by closing out the RC Car challenge set. In the end, we took first place and won this scooter:

Car Hackers.

The CHV challenges may change slightly from event to event, but given their nature, it didn't seem right to publish anything that would enable cheating.

So, we apologize for the lack of new posts but we have a write-up for an ultrasonic data exfiltration challenge that we completed last year.

Looking forward, our focus will stay on CTF write-ups and CTF related content, but we would also like to share more how-tos and tips and tricks so that we can continue to give something back in-between CTFs.

Thanks for reading!

Find us on Twitter: @teamWTG 

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